Friends playing video game

We here at Code Irony are two friends who can’t help but notice some of the ridiculous things going on in the world around us every day. It’s amazing how much irony there is out there if you just start looking!

We all love a good story.  Stories that make us think and stories that inspire us.  Well, you will likely find neither of those types of stories here!

We search the web for ridiculous stories that make us laugh and make us believe in the stupidity that many people seem to have.  We love to point our fingers and laugh at the idiocy we see.  Some of the stories we hear are so stupid that you wonder if humans are reverting back to the cave men days rather than moving forward.

If you find a story that makes you want to slap yourself, give us a shout.  Our email address is the best way to reach us: info@codeirony.com