Screening of Noah Cancelled After Theater Floods

The movie, Noah, was set to be released in theaters at the beginning of April and detailed the life of Noah, the man that God entrusted to protect and save all of the animals of Earth as the great flood went through to wipe away all of the evil from the planet. The movie, which starred Russell Crowe as Noah and Emma Watson as Ila, focused on the journey of Noah and the visions he had before constructing his massive ark. It was once he had a second vision that he learned he was to construct a massive ark, which would shelter all of the animals during the flood. The movie spends quite some time documenting his construction of the ark and the eventual process of bringing all the animals onto the ark

As stated above, the movie was set to be released in April for residents of England, but a certain group of people had to wait a little bit longer to see it after something rather amazing happened. The official reasoning for cancelling the movie? The movie theater had to close down and be evacuated due to a flood. Yup. You read that right. The movie, Noah, had to be postponed because of a flood in a movie theatre. I mean, really, what are the odds of that?

This particular flooding happened at Vue Exeter in Exeter, England and was actually caused by the ice machine! Fortunately the flooding and water went away and the theater eventually reopened, but not before damage was done and showings were cancelled


The theater went on to make a statement saying, “We can confirm that there was flooding at Vue Exeter on Friday, April 4th due to a fault with an ice machine. We are currently open for business as usual and are working with engineers to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.”

In the end, the theater was able to reopen and show the initial screening of Noah on the same date as promised, it just happened to be a little bit later in the day than most people were expecting. The lesson to be learned from all this? I guess when you choose to make a movie about a man who’s famous for building an ark to survive a flood and save all the animals, you might want to expect some flooding that could potentially ruin your showings.