Eating too Much at an All You Can Eat Buffet

Have you heard about the two customers that were banned from an all you can eat buffet in England because they ate too much?  Quite ironic, right?

Well, 25 year old Andy Miles and 26 year old George Dalmon were both given the boot from a restaurant called Gobi, a Mongolian Barbecue place in Brighton, after, according to the British press, the manager called the two a couple of pigs.

wap3qkxahffq9obyThe two customers were regulars at Gobi.  Each time they went, they were said to have scarfed down about five bowls of stir fry each.  The manager stated that all they do is come in and pig out each time.  The Gobi management put up with the two men for a little over two years, but finally came to the breaking point.

The manager also noted that, in that two year time period, the duo had never tipped or purchased any items other than the buffet and water.  He defended his actions in banning the two men by saying that the business is not a charity, but is there to make money.  The manager further stated that, since it is his restaurant, he can tell anyone he wants to not to come back again.

Even now, the Gobi website is still advertising the deal they have with the buffet.  They pull customers in with their promise of having the best meats, seafood, and fresh vegetables, all stir fried for the customer, as many times as they may want.  The cost of the buffet at Gobi’s is around twelve pounds, which comes to about twenty dollars each.

The two men, Dalmon and Miles, have defended their actions at Gobi and believe that they should not be able to keep them away.  They assure readers that they only have small bowls at the restaurant, so going back for more is only expected.